A/O Digital Body Analyzer

Scan, Detect, and Correct.

The digital body analyzer is a cutting edge, noninvasive bio resonance device that was developed by Russian biophysicists to assist with maintaining their astronauts’ health while going on long space missions. It is simple to use and involves the use of headphones to send and receive frequencies back and forth throughout the body.

The digital body analyzer has a scanning capability that has both a detection and a correction mode. The detection mode detects frequencies of the various cells, tissues, and organs in the body and compares them to a database of known healthy frequencies to determine if there are any abnormalities.

It also detects whether the scanned areas are moving towards recovery (anabolic state) or degeneration (catabolic). It presents clients with a detailed visual and written report of the results of all the organs, tissues, and systems of the body that were scanned and assigns a health rating to them. The scan shows great detail and can predict health status 3-5 years out with amazing accuracy.

The correction mode works by sending frequencies that are 180 degrees out of phase back into the body to the specific areas that were scanned and found to be in a catabolic state. The body then uses these frequencies to begin correction at its deepest level – the subtle energy level.

In the case that you cannot come to our office due to health circumstances or if you live outside of the Las Vegas area than we can come to you – REMOTELY! With a remote unit and accompanying pair of headphones we can complete a scan with you through the use of a screen sharing program. The results are just as effective at a distance with no time lag!