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Find Out What's In Your Way & Move Forward!

I find that most of my clients are able to move forward with something such as an action, decision, verbal conversation, etc. after a reading that they were unable to do before the reading as a result of the empowerment, clarity, confirmation, and support they received from the information that came through.

Everything is energy. Everything!

It may take on a different form – a table, a knife, a spinach leaf, a blade of grass, an apple, a dog, a flower, an insect, a human -A DISEASE – each one of these its own unique expression of energy that is vibrating in a different manner allowing it to take on the unique appearance, pattern and vibration that it does. This is the way in which the universe is organized. The “reading” of energy is possible because of this organization.

The “reading” of energy is possible because everything has an energy ‘pattern.’

“Reading energy” is our ability to decipher vibrations in our surrounding environment and interpret them correctly. Just like anything else in life there is a skill level associated with this process. There are some people that seem to be extremely adept or “gifted” with this ability while others believe that this possibility does not even exist and/or have little to no awareness of it.

Restore balance, wholeness, and integrity to your body.

Once we are aware of our Truth – not our story – we are provided an opportunity to remove the root cause of the imbalanced energy and restore balance, wholeness, and integrity to the energy system and, hence, therefore to the physical body. It is for these reasons that I find energy work to be useful, helpful, and necessary in the process of assisting the body/mind to heal.

Are You Ready to Let Go of Your ‘Story’ and Connect with Your Personal Truth?

Connecting with your Truth will empower you; Connecting with your false beliefs will dis-empower you, decrease your life force energy, weaken your vibration, and open you up to the experience of illness and chronic disease. Which one will you choose?

That ‘Gut Feeling’ is …

Those ‘gut feelings’ you ‘should have’ listened to…are a form of energy readings.

Regardless of what one believes around this topic the truth of the matter is that all of us are “wired” to read or interpret energetic vibrations – it is something that goes on all the time to some degree or another whether we are aware of it or not.  All of us have had the experience of having a “gut feeling” around something that we followed through on and were happy we did or made the mistake of not following the “advice” from their “gut” and suffered regret and unpleasant consequences over not doing so.  These simple yet powerful experiences provide us with wonderful examples of our own energetic systems.

Every living organism has the ability to transmit and receive or “read” energy to some capacity – even single celled bacteria. The human body has mechanisms for doing this – most notably the chakra system of the body and the energy field that surrounds us known as the auric field.

What we learn during an energy reading.

All kinds of information can be received or transmitted through an energy reading – stored memories, traumas, future events, blocked emotions, subconscious beliefs, past life events – just to name a few. The information that is transmitted during a reading is usually information that we already knew but didn’t want to look at or trust as a result of our fears around it. When our fears are triggered, oftentimes we feel strong resistance and overwhelm to the guidance coming through especially if it is asking us to make challenging life altering changes such as ending a partnership or leaving the comfort of a career to pursue a vocation.

Regardless of whether we are comfortable with the information that is communicated to us or not, I find that it is ALWAYS very empowering to be connected to our Truth in this way.  Knowing our Truth brings deep feelings of confirmation that are incredibly comforting, nurturing, empowering, and supportive.

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There’s nothing ‘weird’ about an Energy Reading.

An energy reading is about the receiving of guidance from the spiritual realm; there is nothing spooky, woo-woo, weird, paranormal, or supernatural about it. Our spirit guides and higher selves are interested in helping us progress further along our path with confidence and peace – that is the purpose they serve. A reading serves this experience by providing us with information that makes us aware of things that we need to address to move forward, provides us with confirmation of what we sense and feel very deeply to be our own personal truth, and/or to show us what the right path is for us in our particular circumstances.

All diseases are also patterned energy forms that carry their own unique vibration.

As mentioned above all diseases are also patterned energy forms that carry their own unique vibration. Disease or imbalance in the physical body occurs due to energy that does not flow freely in it which results in some type of disruption in the energy field – either too little is flowing or too much. Either creates an imbalance – if it continues on in that manner for an extended period of time it eventually manifests on the linear plane as a disease/illness/disorder, or imbalance of some sort.  Each organ system and illness has its own specific, unique vibration that can be sensed. The vibratory pattern is unique to that particular illness and organ in the same way that a thumbprint is unique to each person. That is why specific illnesses can be “seen” by one who is experienced and familiar with energy work.

Energy Techniques can help us remove blockages that cause imbalance and illness in the body.

Movement of energy can be helpful in many ways when dealing with an illness. The energy can be balanced if there is too much or too little flowing; subconscious beliefs, old stored emotional traumas, and oftentimes the actual illness itself can be accessed and released just with the use of energy techniques alone. I have witnessed time and time again illnesses seemingly ‘disappear’ overnight once the energy is balanced by releasing the ‘thing’ (belief, trauma, emotional blockage) that is causing the imbalance of energy.

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The body is incapable of lying.

I use the technique of reading energy with my clients in my consulting practice for one main reason…the truth and only the truth resides in the body; the body is incapable of lying. This is not to say that I believe my clients tell untruths or outright lie when asked specific questions. They do not. They tell the truth according to what they have unknowingly fabricated (conditioned sub-conscious beliefs), have been inaccurately taught by another, or have been falsely led to believe.

All humans are incapacitated to some degree in their ability to “see” or know their own truths – this is for our own good and acts as a protective mechanism that enables each of us to cope, survive, and persevere when faced with difficult life challenges – whether real or perceived. At some point though, if those belief systems that are not based in Truth are allowed to keep running, the end result can be damage to our energy system which in turn oftentimes leads to manifestation of physical illness.

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