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I get asked this question all of the time and the answer I provide is simple and always the same: “If you exist in a human body I can address your issue.”

In other words, if you can understand the human body and the relationships between all of its working parts than most of the time it is relatively simple to decipher what needs to be done to achieve the desired resolve of the presenting issue. This is the skill I seem to possess and the reason why my clients tend to achieve the resolve they are seeking relative to their health crises.

My approach is simple, common sense, and direct. The human body is a “machine”, if you will, that requires the same vital nutrients it is composed of to be consistently replenished back to it (i.e diet). Consistent provision of these vital nutrients will result in consistent regeneration, function, vitality, and lack of disease. In addition, the body requires very specific care and maintenance (i.e detoxification protocols) and proper use based upon its inherent anatomy and physiology (i.e. movement/exercise). These practices do not fail nor will they ever fail simply because they are in alignment with the specific anatomy and physiology of the design principles of the “machine”. Yes… actually is this simple.

Then why are most people plagued with chronic health challenges for a good part of their lives? Because the mainstream information we are provided at large informing us how to eat, how to live, and how to care for our bodies is GROSSLY INACCURATE and when followed, results in most peoples’ experience of being in a body as one of discomfort, plagued with chronic illness, rapid deterioration, and accelerated aging.

Liken this explanation to the “machine” we refer to as the automobile we drive in today. This machine was designed to run on gasoline/petroleum. As long as you continue to provide the proper fuel of gasoline (i.e diet), maintenance (i.e. oil changes), and use the car appropriately as the design team intended you can expect optimal, predictable, reliable performance and can expect the automobile to move you from point A to point B as desired with ease.

Should you decide to fill your gas tank with orange juice or water knowing this would be against the design of the machine one could expect a myriad of functional issues with the performance or lack of performance with the automobile.

So as is with the design of the “machine” of the human body. Consumption of the correct and appropriate fuel based on the design and function of the machine will render relatively optimal, predictable, and reliable performance. Consumption of the incorrect and inappropriate fuel will result in inefficiency, problems, deterioration, and eventual demise of the working pieces and parts just as it would in an automobile. And so it is as well in regards to the maintenance and use of either automobile or body.

I work mainly with the adult population. I work selectively with babies, children, and teenagers on a case by case basis.
No I do not accept any type of insurance at this time. My practice is strictly private pay. If you have a prescription from a physician requesting you to consult with a Dietitian, you may be able to be reimbursed for all or a portion of the dietitian’s consultation fees. Please understand that you will have to investigate whether this benefit option is available to you or not with your particular insurance company and take the proper steps for reimbursement if it is. Back to Balance will not contact any insurance companies or investigate your personal insurance benefit options. We will provide you with documentation of your visit in the form of an invoice/receipt should that be necessary for submission in the reimbursement process.
Yes. There are unique client circumstances and situations that I am presented with on occasion where I will choose to not accept someone on as a client. This is usually because the individual has deteriorated to such a degree that a level of incapacitation exists making my protocols inappropriate for their current situation. The other situation in which I will not accept or work with a particular individual is when it is apparent by their attitude or actions that they are not invested in their own healing.
The time it takes to get the correction/resolve a client is looking for is dependent upon the client to a varying degree. However, the “average” client can expect the process to take 1 to 2 years of meeting once or twice a month to move through all of the necessary protocols. That is because the changes I am suggesting are long term consistent core lifestyle and belief changes in regards to health and healing which take time to integrate into the deeper levels of the psyche/consciousness.

For those clients that are older in age and have more long standing and complex issues it can take as long as 3 to 4 years.

Relatively speaking this is a very short period of time taking into account the number of years the individual has been repeatedly exposed to insult and injury either by personal choice or by circumstances beyond their control.

Example: A 50 year old woman with a history of smoking cigarettes (personal choice) and a history of head trauma from a hit and run car accident (circumstance) who is suffering from migraine headaches, inability to lose weight, and depression may be able to find resolve to her issues in a 2 year time span with the protocols I use. Mathematically speaking, these two years account for only 4% of her total life span up to this point which is minimal considering her reported 10-20 years of ongoing suffering from chronic health conditions caused by these personal choices and life events.

Literally, I went to bed one night in 2004 and woke up the next day and could “see”. I saw people who had passed on, events before they happened, people with whom I would interact with in public settings who would suddenly vanish, etc. I would receive guidance or messages that I was told to pass on to others about situations or circumstances they were dealing with in their lives of which I was totally unaware. Eventually over time, as I became comfortable with this gift of foresight, I began to use this ability with my clients to help them get clarity and resolve of their personal issues which has been welcomed and helpful to them.
The type of readings I do are Medical Intuitive Life Readings. I did not come up with that name – it was told to me through guidance in response to the question I asked which was, “How do I describe what it is I see? What do I call these types of sessions?”

These readings are done in a very relaxed setting where the client is lying down on a massage table and on average take about 1 to 2 hours in length. The type of information that comes forth most often highlights where one is giving their power away in life. Becoming aware of where you are giving your power away is paramount to healing any and all physical manifestations of disease or illness within the body for it is the reason the illness is present in the first place.

Doing a reading of this nature on a client really assists the client with their healing process – By becoming aware of where they are giving their power away and why they are doing it is the first step to regaining it. In regaining their power they begin to return life force back into their physical tissues which begins the process of their healing from illness.

Readings are reserved exclusively for clients that I am working with; not for the general public at large. For more information on this topic please refer to the Energy Readings Page.

On occasion yes. Should a client need any type of service/support from a medical doctor or medical institution I will suggest the client pursue that. The major focus I hold in my role as their practitioner is to inform and teach my clients about natural options they have available for them to use in addressing their personal health issues if they so choose.

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