Inner Voice Program

Your Energy, Physiology, Chemistry...from Your Voice

The inner voice program demonstrates a remarkable advancement in frequency therapy and can be used in conjunction with the digital body analyzer and the MRBA system to give a complete comprehensive picture of the energetic, physiologic, and chemistry of a client’s present health condition.

The client speaks into an HD microphone, and the software detects emotional variations coming from the voice. The readings are visible in real time on an active graph. It then creates a tone which the client listens to for short periods that corrects the emotional imbalances and restores inner harmony.

It is not uncommon to see a person’s demeanor and vocal tone change almost immediately after a session!

Combining all three of these systems together provides an extremely comprehensive picture into an individual’s current state of health. Once the current comprehensive picture has been assessed and is clear than it becomes easy to map out the road to restoration of proper functioning, health, and vitality to the body.