'Diets' don't work.

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Diets, Willpower, and Other Conditioning ‘Setups’

As a Registered Dietitian I will be the first to proclaim the key to changing one’s eating behaviors and food choices on a permanent basis does NOT have anything to do with a particular diet, devising meal plans or providing lists of food selections that are Good/Bad, Recommended/Not Recommended, Right/Wrong; nor is it strictly a matter of encouraging one to have “willpower”.

Diets (recommended patterns of eating), intelligent guidance on nutrition and physiology, and meal plans have their place and can be useful tools depending upon the circumstances in which they are introduced.

Change Your Relationship With Food

Fix Your Body Chemistry, Fix Your Cravings

However, all these methods on their own have a proven track record time and time again of failing to change one’s eating patterns effectively and consistently long term. The rise and fall in popularity of diet books and gym memberships provides testament to that. Anyone who has worked in this industry of health, fitness, and nutrition will be the first to tell you that.

What I have found to be the MAJOR predictor in affecting one’s relationship with food is the specific chemistry of their body. The greater the toxicity/acidity in one’s body the more overgrowth of infection (parasites, candida, etc.), plaque development, and inflammation they will have which has SIGNIFICANT influence upon desires/cravings for alcohol, sugar, drugs, caffeine, processed foods, overeating, etc.

Diets Don’t Work

Once again it is for this reason that detoxification practices have become the foundation of my practice. Holding a license as a Registered Dietitian I find it humorous how little time I need to spend discussing “diets” with my clients once a proper detoxification program has been put in place–simply because–as their bodies become clear and clean, their desire for nutrient-dense foods increases substantially with very little encouragement, education, or involvement on my part.

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Simple, Gradual, Realistic Changes that will Transform You

The primary focus with all clients regardless of where you are in your relationship with food is to provide simple, realistic changes to your eating habits, as you are ready, that bring you closer to eating practices that require less overall volume, provide significant increase in nutrient density, and involve the continuous gradual removal of those foods that cause any imbalance or harm to the body in a style and fashion that works for you as an individual.

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