The Healing Process

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Healing is a Journey; Not a Destination

A true healing can occur only if all aspects of self are taken into consideration (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

Healing your mind, body, heart, and soul takes courage, perseverance, determination and most importantly the desire to heal. It is not about popping pills or any type of quick fix by any means. The only reason any of us become ill in the first place is because we have lost some level of connection to ourselves and therefore to Source, to the Creator of all that is.

The process of healing is about reconnecting, or for some of us, perhaps connecting for the first time and is truly a spiritual journey and process. Your journey may not start out that way but it always ends up that way if one is eager, willing, and stays on course.

How We Can Improve the Life We’re Experiencing

How do we attain an experience in our bodies that is devoid of pain, debilitation, illness, and premature aging?

-By learning how to view the body as an integrated whole made up of body systems that are in constant communication with each other and that are all interCONNECTED with each other.

-By listening to the language of the body and understanding symptoms as mere signposts signaling us to the fact that something is out of balance in the body.

-By understanding that we are multi-dimensional beings that have an intellect, emotions, and a spiritual aspect in addition to a physicality and that all four of these aspects affect the physical tissues and organs in beneficial or adverse ways depending on how we CHOOSE to live.

-By agreeing to stand in empowerment when it comes to our own healing instead of giving our power away to a hospital, a doctor, or a medication.

How We Do All of This With You:

We do this by following the Back To Balance protocol that has a very clear direction and purpose, that is mapped out step by step, and that follows a logical, common sense sequence that answers all of one’s unanswered questions about the reality of how a human body functions.

Once you understand how your body works you will have very little need for the majority of services of allopathic medicine. What you will have is an arsenal of information that will help you to identify what body system is stressed based on symptomology and the necessary steps to take to bring that body system back into balance.

A Comprehensive Program: Clear, Concise, and Manageable

Working in the industry of health and wellness for 22 years took me on a quest into finding the answers to the only questions that I think matter which are:

-Why is the human experience for the majority of people fraught with suffering from chronic debilitating health traumas and dramas?
-How do you truly heal the body?
-Once healed how does one stay healthy and vibrant for the duration of their lifetime?

I have taken those answers and incorporated them into a comprehensive program that is clear, concise, and manageable for anyone who truly possesses the desire to heal.

Finally Find Your Answers & Get On With Your Healthy Life

The Back To Balance program and protocols will lead you to the place of knowing, of clarity, of direction, and of answers to all of those unanswerable questions that you have had for so long about your own body and your own health and healing. You will be walked gently through a series of phases that follow a natural flow and common sense sequence of steps and information that will show you to live in a body successfully, how to resolve ailments, and how to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will lead you to an experience of health, joy, energy, and vitality.

The process of healing may very well be the most challenging, arduous journey you ever undertake...the payoff is beyond words.
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