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By the time someone has passed on my contact information to them and I have them sitting in front of me, they are usually frustrated, hopeless, still ailing and suffering, and financially incapacitated to some degree from all of the money and time they have spent searching for real, permanent solutions.

I get the same reaction of complete and utter relief every time as I explain to them the truth about how their body works, how and why a body breaks down and becomes sick and weak, and how to go about correcting the issues PERMANENTLY.

In other words, I teach people how to address their health issues from the ROOT CAUSE and how to obtain permanent correction with all natural substances and in doing so learn how to avoid recreating chronic health issues so that their experience moving forward is one of empowerment, energy, clarity, high functionality, and avoidance of health conditions that the majority of the human race is suffering with such as cancer, diabetes, migraines, blood pressure imbalances, hair loss, aging, eczema, insomnia, early menopause, infertility, cataracts, etc.

Popular Workshop Topics:

Hormone Balancing & Health

Energy Beings Require Energy Medicine

Functional Medicine for a Functional Solution

Detoxification – Chemistry, Science, Process

Successful Pregnancy – Before, During & After

Understanding Health & Healing Through Body Systems–Not Symptoms

The Truth about How to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Healthy Eating based on Physiology not Fads or Trends

The Lifecycle of Disease

The Connection: Earth, Humans, and Health

The Supplement Industry

Targeted Lab Testing

Effective and Easy Weight Loss

Holism and Healing

The Pathology of Aging